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Alpha Clinical Laboratory, INC is a full-service laboratory. Our team, both managerial and technical, is highly qualified and has an experience in laboratory field for over 20 years.

Alpha Clinical Laboratory provides full service laboratory capabilities in the testing areas of Hematology, Immunology, Chemistry, Serology, Special Chemistry, Endocrinology and Bacteriology.

Alpha Clinical Laboratory is certified by CLIA (CMS) and licensed by State of California, as an independent laboratory. We follow the guidelines stipulated by the California Department of Public Health, the Clinical Laboratory Improvement Act, 1988 (CLIA’88).

Quality is our number one priority. Our objective is to provide with accurate and diagnostically meaningful test information. Stringent quality control programs are an integral part of our testing protocols. We participate in several proficiency evaluation programms.

Our facility provide test results on most procedures (chemistry panels, CBC, protime, thyroid tests and urinalysis) within 24-hours. Many of the tests can be performed on STAT basis. Fax results are available upon request. The hard copy report will follow, using the normal route of reporting.

All supplies necessary for the submission of specimens to our laboratory, i.e. needles, tubes, sterile containers, etc. are furnished at no charge.

Our couriers provide pickup and delivery on a daily basis. Specimen pickup times are provided to suit your office needs.

The Client Service Department is prepared to provide you with rapid verbal or faxed reports and can be reached by calling:

TEL: (818) 729-0927
FAX: (818) 729-0961

Alpha Clinical Laboratory believes that offering unsurpassed and best service to our clients is the only solid foundation for long term business relationships.